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Astrolift is a trusted provider of solutions to a large variety of New Zealand businesses, ranging from the largest corporate companies to the smallest family business.

We have the most comprehensive range of Materials Handling and related equipment in NZ, our products are imported from global suppliers or manufactured in NZ to a high standard. We are committed to honesty, integrity and respect in all our dealings with customers, suppliers and employees. In addition, we are always striving for continuous improvement in all areas of the business.

Astrolift is firmly committed to the Health and Safety of our employees and all parties impacted by our business. Our team is always on the lookout for new products and opportunities that will meet our criteria for enhancement of safety and efficiency.



At Astrolift we are dedicated to lifting the level of Safety and Efficiency in industry throughout New Zealand.

This Journey started in 2006 when we had to decide the future business direction for ourselves and our family. A new opportunity came to light, which we embraced with passion.

We continue to be a family business, driven by significant and successful growth over almost one and a half decades. Today, Astrolift can offer a comprehensive range of quality products that can truly lift safety and efficiency in workplaces day in and day out.

We highly value the accumulation by our sales team of over 50 years of sales experience during their time at Astrolift. This experience is invaluable and provides our customers with unique advantages.

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