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Heavy Duty Bolt-Down Bollard
Powdercoated Steel Bollard

Bolt Down Steel Bollard NZ Astrolift.jpg

Steel Hoop Bollard (High and Low)
Powdercoated, Bolt-Down Bollard

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Steel Cast-In Bollard
PC Over Galv Steel Bollard

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Bolt-Down Bollard
Custom | Steel Bollard

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Hoop Bollard (High and Low)
Galvanised Hoop Bollards

Galvanised Hoop Bollards NZ.png

Cast-In Bollard
Galvanised Steel Removable Bollard

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Heavy Duty Bolt-Down Bollard
PC-Over Galvanised Steel Bollard

Hoop Bollard (High and Low)
Powdercoated Traffic Safety Bollards

Steel Cast-In Bollard
Powder Coated over Galv Steel Bollard

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PC Over Galv Hoop Bollards.png
PC OVer Galv Bolalrd.png

Stainless Steel Bolt-Down Bollard
Clean Areas Safety Bollard

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Custom Bolt Down Bollards
Galvanised Traffic Bollard

Bolt-Down Bollard Galvanised.png

Cast-In Bollard
Galvanised Steel Removable Bollard

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Cast In Steel Bollard
Powdercoated Traffic Bollards

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Cast-In Bollard
Galvanised Steel Removable Bollard

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  • Indoor Outdoor Use

  • Heavy Duty, Rigid Barrier Protection

  • Our Stainless Steel Bollards are ideal for sites with high impact potential in clean room and corrosive environments.

  • Steel Bolt-Down Bollards are ideal for sites with high impact potential in clean room and corrosive environments.

  • Powder-coated Bollards are supplied by default in Safety Yellow. (Other colors are available, minimum order quantities apply.)

  • Our Cast-In Bollards have knock-on caps to allow their centres to be filled with concrete.

  • Our Lockable, Removable Bollards are designed for where vehicle access is required periodically, and can be locked to ensure against the theft of the bollard.

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GuardX Steel Safety Bollards are one of the most heavy-duty warehouse traffic barrier brands in New Zealand. 

Designed to protect your staff, property and vehicles from unnessesary impacts around your workplace. 

Ideal for New Zealand businesses, with a slim profile and the highest quality steel - GuardX manufacture a range of fixing and coating finishes.

View our full range, or Contact Us if you require any additional consultation.

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Bollards available in Galvanised, Powder Coated and Galv-over Powder Coated across OUR range of bollards


Warehouse Safety Traffic Barriers Product Catalogue.jpg

Our Warehouse Barrier Solutions Product Catalogue contains detailed information about specification, certification and product features to assist you in your warehouse safety project.

Our Services Team are available to support you and your questions, from Project Management, CAD Design, Custom Fabrication and Installation.

Contact Us if you would like a copy emailed to you, or if you have any specific questions about our barriers.