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(Speed humps | Speed BUMPS)

Quality car park

Agressive Speed Bump
Modular System

Speed Ramps
Interlocking Sections

Agressive Speed Bump NZ.png
Interlocking Speed Bump Sections.png

Tyre Shredder Metal Ramp
Added Security

Tyre Shredder Speed Bump_edited.jpg

Modular Speed Ramps
50mm Sections

Modular Speed Bump Sections NZ.png

Metal Speed Bump
Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Metal Speed Bump NZ.png

Speed Table
Recycled Rubber

Rubber Speed Table New Zealand.png

Speed Cushion
Speed Reduction Ramp

Rubber Speed Cushion NZ.png

Speed Ramp

Speed Ramp 1830mm.png

NZ Standard Compliant Speed Ramp

NZ Compliant Speed Ramps_edited.png
Wheel Stop Safety Standards AUSNZ.jpg
A-Safe Traffic Barrier Double-Rail.jfif

Speed Bump

Speed Bumps (some people call them Speed Ramps or Speed Humps) ensure traffic is slowed at certain parts of the roadway

Ideal for corportate, warehouse, retail and other business applications where car park and driveways are organised, and traffic is moving in a controlled, safe way.



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Quality speed ramps sourced by astrolift NZ.
100% NZ Owned and operated 


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Our Warehouse Barrier Solutions Product Catalogue contains detailed information about specification, certification and product features to assist you in your warehouse safety project.

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